Mr Stuart Metcalfe BSc (Hons) MPhil, FCPodS
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Mr Stuart Metcalfe is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon working in both NHS and private practice, operating with his team in 3 clinics across the UK in Harley Street, Solihull & Hampshire. With over 25 years clinical experience in the field of Podiatry including general Podiatry, biomechanics/sports medicine, specialist wound care and foot surgery Mr Metcalfe is a leading expert in the industry. He is an international speaker on the diagnosis & management of foot problems and author of over thirty published papers.

Mr Metcalfe is a fellow of the faculty of Surgery College of Podiatrists, and currently holds the position as the clinical Head of Podiatric Surgery for the Solent NHS trust and was formerly the Clinical Lead/Consultant Podiatric Surgeon for Solihull Healthcare Primary Care NHS Trust. He is a Faculty of Surgery Tutor and Examiner and an Honorary visiting lecturer at the University of Southampton. Since 1998 Mr Metcalfe has been Chair of the Annual Podiatric Surgeons Conference and for over a decade has been on the list of approved UK register of expert witnesses gaining an enviable reputation for high quality medical reports.

Mr Metcalfe originally qualified at the Northampton School of Podiatric Medicine, he is a qualified Independent Prescriber and also holds a Postgraduate Higher Degree in Biomechanics. Mr Metcalfe lectures on a multitude of subjects including biomechanics, children & flat feet, Radiology of the foot, Posterior tibial dysfunction syndrome, Foot surgery, Subtalar arthroereisis and Local anaesthesia.